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NEW Justin Bieber Never Say Never Clip - Teen.com

http://teen.com/justin Beliebers! Check Out Our EXCLUSIVE Clip From Never Say Never! There's only 8 days left (count 'em, EIGHT!) until we get to see Justin Bieber up close and in 3D (thank you, modern technology), when Never Say Never hits theaters. But if you can't wait until then, Beliebers, we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from the movie to hold you over that you can watch RIGHT NOW. Over and over again. All day. We won't tell. It features little baby Justin on the drums! How freakin' cute?! Click on to watch the clip and get tons more Biebs! http://www.justinbieberneversaynever.com/ Beliebers! Click below for tons more on Justin Bieber! -This crazy fan has a serious case of Bieber fever! http://www.teen.com/robin-pomales-justin-bieber-crazy-fan-tattoo/ -Justin looked HOT at the Toronto Never Say Never premiere. Duh. http://www.teen.com/justin-bieber-never-say-never-premiere-toronto -Spend one (very romantic) night with Justin Bieber! http://www.teen.com/justin-bieber-nickelodeon-crush-week-victorious -Speaking of romantic, Justin has how many first kiss stories? http://www.teen.com/justin-bieber-first-kiss-awkward -Aw! Justin calls Selena Gomez his "best friend!" http://www.teen.com/justin-bieber-selena-gomez-best-friends -Justin Bieber SHIRTLESS?! Yeah. That happened. http://www.teen.com/justin-bieber-shirtless-photos -Girls have been going crazy for the Biebs since Middle School. Duh. http://www.teen.com/justin-bieber-love-magazine-cover-february-2011 -Selena Gomez sits on Justin's lap! http://www.teen.com/justin-bieber-sitting-on-selena-gomez-jessica-jarrell-sweet-16 -Win a pair of Justin Bieber's Purple 3D Glasses! http://www.teen.com/win-a-pair-of-justin-biebers-never-say-never-purple-3d-glasses -Justin Bieber kisses his fans?! Say it ain't so! http://www.teen.com/never-say-never-justin-bieber-movie-preview-clip-ryan-seacrest Get more from Teen.com! http://twitter.com/teen http://facebook.com/teen.com

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never UK premiere

'Bieber Fever' has hit London with the Never Say Never premiere. Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/theshowbiz411

Justin Bieber Never Say Never "Every Stage" Trailer Official (HD)

http://Facebook.com/ClevverTV - Become a Fan! http://Twitter.com/ClevverTV - Follow Us! Check out the latest clip for Justin Bieber's upcoming movie 'Never Say Never'! B part of it at http://www.justinbieberneversaynever.com Justin Bieber: Never Say Never hits theaters on February 11th, 2011 Justin Bieber's life story in a 3D feature biopic. It will be sprinkled with performances from his current concert tour. Video Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" 3D Response Video by "Emily Harder"

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/emilyharder FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/EmilyHarderOfficial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47JHX09DvZU Check out my original song "The Party is Over" and sing along !! Okay...so I know this is not my typical video, but I was pretty inspired by the Justin Bieber Never Say Never movie!! I always liked Justin before but this movie actually made me a Belieber! haha Hope you like my response. Please excuse the rennovations in the bg. emily

Justin Bieber ' Never Say Never' Drums Featurette Movie Trailer

Justin Bieber playing the drums throughout the years.NEVER SAY NEVER comes out February 11th 2011 http://daretodreamshow.webs.com/ http://twitter.com/daretodreamshow http://www.facebook.com/daretodreamshow

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